Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And What Are Yours?

One of the tenets of the Law of Attraction teachers is the importance of writing down what you want. With that in mind, here are my New Year’s resolutions. During 2010 I will:

1. Lose at least 15 lbs.

2. Open my Collagitation shop on Etsy to sell original art

3. Open my Collagitation shop on Café Press (or maybe Zazzle?) to sell print-on-demand designs

4. In April, I will put up a site, 3SIXTY5, on which I will post a piece of artwork (be it ever so humble) a day for the next year, in honor of my 60th year. (Some of which will likely find their way into 2 and 3 above.)

I think this will keep me busy enough.

Another goal for 2010 is taking full advantage of KC Willis’s Marketing Mindset online workshop. So far, this has been really interesting. I’ve interacted with KC and other workshop members in the discussion forums, looked at some marvelous art by members (and got some nice responses to my own work) and I can’t wait for KC’s marketing videos to start! I love being able to ask questions and get responses and comments, not just something to read each week. (If this sounds like something you could use, the intro price is $144 and the workshop runs all year. See the link in my Cool Links area.)

As for my gardens, I plan to put in lots of bulbs, ground covers and flowering shrubs! My knees and shoulders are telling me it’s time to ease up on the farming activities, which coincides perfectly with my artly goals for 2010.

Happy New Year!!

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