Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Theme Thursday Challenge: Beauty

How could you go wrong with such a theme? Here's my digital collage, "Timeless Beauty."  The lovely lady is from Paperwhimsy.  I made this tonight in lieu of redding up my basement workspace (still quite chilly down there in late March), because I was just too tired! Tomorrow is another day...where have I heard that before?


  1. wonderful work!!! a true beauty!!!

  2. Oh wow she is really beautiful.
    Fabulous piece.

  3. Thank you all for your comments--and for leaving this one out:
    "Hey, can't you READ?? The challengs this week is for 2 x 4!!!"
    Sorry! I saw Kelly's lovely image and went no further!

  4. LOL! I was thinking it didn't look as skinny as mine. It is, however, quite beautiful!!


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