Friday, April 30, 2010

3SIXTY5 #22 (Holy Smoke!!) for Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The work for April 28 (almost caught up!) is entitled, The Queen of Time. It is also my offering for Theme Thursday's "Black & White" challenge. It is another meditation on the passage of time, and the resultant loss. I've always been drawn to the "tempus fugit" theme. Is time an illusion? Are we still or are we hurtling through the space-time warp so fast we can't even feel the motion? Does it matter? Not as long as we have ART, and others to share it with!

I find myself giddy with the amount of work I've produced since starting my collage-a-day project for my 60th year. TWENTY-TWO pieces to date, OMG!!! I've had to start a log to keep track of dates & titles, and I got a big binder in which to keep the hand-made pieces, in vinyl sleeves, as well as print-outs of the digital pieces, which I now gloat over like a miser with his treasure chest. I guess this might seem absurd to many, but it is evidence of a quantum leap for me. So far this year I've produced more work than in the entire previous decade. Yep. You read that right. Woo-hoooo!! The only way to improve, is to DO.

The face at the center of this composition is borrowed from another of Fornasetti's "Theme and Variation" pieces. As with all my digital work to date, this was created on Polyvore. I guess it's time to stop apologizing for taking the PV route, and bashing their users, instead of properly learning Photoshop. Why let my ignorance hinder my art-making? Time enough to remedy that situation...


  1. well done! keep up the fantastic work. Beautiful collage photo shop drives me crazy i just dont get it LOL, so its glue and paper from me when i collage.

  2. A great collage and bravo to you for learning photoshop, way over my head!

  3. This is a beautiful expressive piece- I love black and white to really focus on details and the deeper meaning of a piece. Sounds like your muse is in full force and your art is a visual treat!

  4. Bonjour Diane
    Merci pour votre passage sur mon blog et votre commentaire!
    Votre collage Black and white est très réussi ! Tous les éléments sont bien choisis ! jolie réalisation !
    Amicalement Mary.KG

  5. This is a beautiful piece I have always liked black and white because it creates a stunning effect.


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