Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3SIXTY5 Off and Running, and Confessions of a Polyvore Addict

Today begins my “3SIXTY5” collage-a-day project, in observance of my 60th year. There’s nothing like a new beginning, a new challenge to keep the juices flowing! As an artist who’s always been a slow producer, I know this is going to be interesting. At the end of it, I expect to have kicked a hole right through my procrastination, indecisiveness, hesitations, unidentified quirks, whatever it is that has held me back. I intend to concentrate on paper and glue collage, but a drawing or other art manifestation may appear, if time and inspiration converge. Another goal for 3SIXTY5 is to start on an inventory of work to offer for sale in my Collagitation store—which is not yet opened (did I mention my problem with procrastination, indecisiveness, hesitation?)

Given that my Photoshop knowledge is still rudimentary, I do not expect to produce much digital work for 3SIXTY5, unless it is truly the result of increasing my skills (or an absolute, life constricting, rock-and-a-hard-place convergence of circumstances.)  I confess that all of the digital art I’ve posted here has been made on, the digital collage site. While I’ve never claimed otherwise, I’ve come to feel that it’s almost “cheating” to post it, due to comments I've gotten that give me credit where none is due. The design of the PV pieces is certainly my own, but the Polyvore Editor makes it sooo easy to produce beautiful effects, that these works do not accurately reflect my digital art abilities. Thus, I offer my apologies if I’ve caused confusion, or even inadvertently deceived anyone, regarding my digital art skills (and calligraphy skills; there is none of my own calligraphy in the “M” collage, for instance. But within the next few days I’ll upload some of my calligraphic work to Flickr, so you can see what I can do in that area.) I got hooked on PV as a way to quickly create work for Theme Thursday, my favorite of the many fun weekly art challenge sites on the web. I adore Polyvore, but I feel it’s become too much of a crutch--maybe I should start a Polyvore Anonymous group?

And let this mile-stone day not pass, without my expressing how touched and grateful I am for all of the kind wishes, FaceBook greetings from extended family and friends, and work-place observances of my 60th birthday--not to mention the company of those I hold dearest:  my Mother, as well as my wonderful daughter and son, and my awesome son-in-law, who journeyed to the 'burgh to be with me for this occasion. Who needs riches when I am so blessed with loving friends and family?  I am truly touched and grateful to you all!!

My maiden work for the 3SIXTY5 voyage is called "60 Is Nothing," which kind of expresses my take on my BIG 6-0 Birthday! It incorporates both authentic vintage bits and recreated bits (ie, downloaded/printed out.)  I hope you like it, feel free to comment, and thanks for visiting during my momentous evening!!

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  1. Hope you had a great birthday and sixty is the new forty!

    I am a big Photoshop lover so if you do decide to go that route feel free to just ask ...create it I say using any method you desire.

    Cheers for sharing your work,


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