Friday, April 2, 2010

Theme Thursday Challenge: Mmmmm....

This week's Theme Thursday challenge is to do a piece about a specific letter(s) of the alphabet. (Yes, this week I read all the directions.) As a calligrapher, I love all letters! Though some are very tempermental, S, for instance. Y can be a terror sometimes too. But one of my favorites is M, and one of my favorite calligraphy exercises is making italic M necklaces. This consists of writing the lower case alphabet with an m between each letter, to develop rhythm and flow and beautiful, consistent arches. So here is my artwork dedicated to the always friendly letter M.


  1. Oh wow stunning collage Diane.
    Looks really beautiful.

  2. beautiful M-collage!! i wish i could write calligraphy, it looks so gorgeous!

  3. This is a wonderful collage beautiful design and wonderful lettering!

  4. Bonsoir Diane!
    Nous avons en effet choisi la même lettre M pour illustrer le thème! Votre création illustre beaucoup de choses différentes!
    c'est une bonne idée!
    Aussi j'aime beaucoup votre collage !
    Amicalement Mary.KG


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