Sunday, May 30, 2010

3SITXTY5 #53: Evidence Found of an Extinct Breed of Horse

BREAKING NEWS:  The Times, London, 29 May, 2010. Much excitement rippled through equestrian communities around the globe today, as possible evidence came to light of the legendary Equus Papillon, an extinct breed of horse thought by many to be purely fanciful. An American woman affiliated with the well-known art publishing firm, Collagitation, reported the discovery in a Liverpool flea market of a print of French origin, purporting to be a 16th c rendering of a stallion of the (now defunct) Welbeck Stud. This animal displays the unmistakable attributes of the Equus Papillon, namely, a handsome pair of butterfly-like wings, which, according to accounts of the time, gave the animal an exceptional degree of propulsion, lightness of gait, and facility in balancing itself over truly questionable terrain. It has been speculated that, on occasion, these horses could even become airborne, a phenomenon of which no concrete evidence, pictorial or otherwise, exists. The provenance of the Liverpool print is under investigation. Should this item, after pains-taking scrutiny,  be deemed authentic, it will undoubtedly touch off a world-wide search for any remaining vestiges of this elusive breed. Should such a specimen be discovered, perhaps flourishing in some obscure locale in Middle-Eastern Europe, Afghanistan, or other exotic locale, it is believed that a frenzy of speculation among deep-pocketed entrepreneurs, with regard solely for their investment and none for the noble animals, will ensue. Thus, let us hope that these glorious beasts remain in the realm of legend, until such time as all our fellow creatures are treated with the respect, affection, and even reverence, that they deserve.

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