Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3SIXTY5 #25 for May 1, 2010

This is a digital collage made on Polyvore. I call it Flight of Fantasy, and it is sooo not what I usually do, but I really like the colors! It started out as a color study, because I love orangey golds and dark blue. PV collages are a lot of fun to do and come together quickly, and are quite stunning when they work. (The duds never make it out of the draft folder.) But for me, there's nothing like producing an old-fashioned, cut paper and glue collage, handling real materials instead of just the mouse & keyboard, and getting that layering and depth and mystery. That's satisfaction! I could happily play at my work table all day--if only I could make a living doing so. Meanwhile, that's where I am every evening when I get home.

I am slowly expanding my repertoire of techniques, something it was difficult to do before without consistent work time. I used to do so little work, it was like re-inventing the wheel every time I did do something. Now I'm getting my art chops back again, and after this year, I expect to be doing art on another level entirely. Perhaps I'll even get back to painting? I know I want to incorporate more of my own made images into my collage work. Yum. Can't wait!!

Yesterday was I think the first time since his death that I got through a whole day without shedding any Rainbow tears. The tigers are for him.

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  1. Ohhh. Rainbow tears. That's sweet. I have looked at and tried PV and find it a little intimidating. I send kudos your way for creating these lovely images.


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