Monday, May 10, 2010

3SIXTY5 #33: The Messenger

Not your classic winged Mercury. I liked the concept but the execution went awry. The two  images, the woman behind the lettering, and the winged feet, do not coalesce. C'est la vie! The lettering is my own calligraphy, done in white gouache on very thin hand-made paper (I used abaca fibers, great for thin sheets, then I used my own "secret method" to make it translucent.) I made a big batch of it years ago and still have enough to last awhile--though by the end of 3SIxTY5 I may need to replenish my stock. I used to create abstract collages entirely out of my own hand-made papers, which were exhibited in various Pittsburgh galleries. I prefer the surrealist-flavored, pictorial things I'm doing now. Maybe I can have a gallery exhibit of the best of these next year, when I'll have literally hundreds of pieces to select from! Who knows where I'm headed art-wise? It's the journey that counts, not the destination. Art, like life, is an on-going process, always seeking the next higher level. That's the real message!

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