Saturday, May 8, 2010

Collage-a-Day #32: Wysiwyg art

Today's collage came out of a decision to do a piece entirely out of bits left over from other work. The challenge was combining things to build a design that is appealing, if not actually conveying any idea. To borrow a term from the computer world, this is Wysiwyg art:  what you see is what you get. It worked up relatively quickly, which was part of the point of working in this way. It is called Crescent With a View. Why not?

We had severe thunderstorms here last night, and all day today a wicked wind tortured the trees and birds. It blew down a large old tree almost directly across the road from us, which knocked down the electrical wires and cut off the electricity. I found myself working on my next collage via a kerosene lamp--inadequate, to say the least. The power was finally restored this evening, just in time for twilight. And I couldn't use my computer or printer, which caused the musings you would expect on our dependence on our machines and technology, as well as gratitude that I normally have these things available to use. Counting my blessings!

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