Monday, May 3, 2010

Collage a Day: Getting Faster But Still Behind

I spent most of this weekend working furiously on collages, trying to catch up on missed days. I am still behind, but hey, I’m slowly getting faster—if I can put it that way! I am sort of getting used to the pace, and I find myself mentally putting together collages out of everything I see.  For instance, I had one of those lucky accidents that are, happily, fairly common in doing artwork. I found that I could run tracing paper through my printer, so I was printing a vintage photo of a young woman and for whatever reason, this time it did not work. The tracing paper buckled and the printer rubbed across it as it moved and smeared the ink. I ended up with a streaky mess and had to clean the print heads. However, the woman’s face was partially visible, and I decided to use this interesting effect as part of the composition. I finished it off with a scrap of vintage lace attached at her breast. The piece is called “Margret Light, Margret Dark.” The title is taken from the hand-written name that appears in the piece. The effect of the smeared image contrasted with the clear one made me think of happy and sad moods. She was beautiful, whoever she was. I hope her moods were mostly happy!

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