Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today's Collage, and notes RE yesterday's artwork

Today's art is called Water Joy, a summery piece made on Polyvore, in anticipation of some waterside pleasures to come. Riverside walks along the Allegheny River, heading dahntahn to the Point for the Pittsburgh Regatta, watching the sun set while sipping a long, cool drink on the patio of a riverside lounge along Freeport Road. Or even just taking a few moments during a lunchtime walk to watch the fountain on the Duquesne U campus splashing and dancing, as I did today.  Actually getting in the water, alas, is no longer on my calendar; I don't even own a swimsuit anymore. Nevertheless I love fountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, boats, anything that will get me close to the water.

Regarding yesterday's post, I did a little research and found that the painting I sampled from, is The Visitation with Saint Nicholas and Saint Anthony Abbot, c. 1490, by Florentine artist Piero di Cosimo. The Visitation depicts the meeting of the Virgin Mary and the elderly Saint Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, who I believe was her aunt. (It also contains a couple of saints, but I see no resemblance between our St. Nicholas and the fellow in the painting. Maybe there's more than one. Anyway, the guys don't appear in my piece, so if you want to see them, you'll have to google the painting.)


  1. A lovely happy piece whats polyvor? bet im being really thick and its something i should know LOL

  2. I love the sound of your "waterside pleasures." I haven't discovered the trail system yet but your description is an incentive.


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