Thursday, June 10, 2010

3SIXTY5 #63 (or there abouts) for yesterday

The faster I go, the behinder I get. This piece is an anticipation of summer, called Sweet Fruit. It is another concoction brewed from bits floating around my work area. Fruit is awesome stuff. The concept of plants whose flowers grow into these large, colorful, nourishing objects, just blows me away. I love to garden, but I have yet to attempt fruit trees.(I do, however, cultivate a pair of energetic blueberry bushes. Getting to be about time to erect the annual bird barrier, so there'll be some fruit for us, come July.)  I'm fascinated by the concept of espalier, the practice of pruning and training fruit trees to grow along lattice-like forms, especially against sun-warmed garden walls. This alters the shape of the tree out from a (roughly) spherical form to a flattened form growing in a single plane, thus maximizing the amount of sunlight that reaches each piece of fruit. I imagine this also displays it perfectly to every passing beetle and moth. But then it also probably makes it easier for the gardener to inspect and clean the growing fruit, without resorting to nasty poisons. At any rate, espalier is an art form, with the living tree as the medium. One of these years...

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  1. I bet if you didn't tell us, we wouldn't even know you're behind! We're all so amazed at your tenacity:)


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