Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3SIXTY5 for June 14, 2010: Veneziana

I had the good fortune to spend about a week in Venice in July of 1999. We arrived after dark, thus my first experience of Venice was nocturnal, which intensified the sense of mystery and otherness the city so potently evokes. The walk from the vaporetto to the hotel was like a dream. Tall, ancient buildings loomed above very narrow, stone-paved streets, creating a sensation of meandering through the corridors of a torch-lit castle. Of course the street lamps weren't torches, but if they been, it would not have seemed anachronistic. Unlike Rome, it appears now that La Serenissima is not eternal. What a pity if she should sink beneath the sea!
This piece is digital art created on Polyvore.

Below are a couple of photos from my Venice trip.
Water taxis
A gondola glides smoothly under one of a zillion  lovely old bridges
Me standing on the terrace of Ca' Leoni, Peggy Guggenheim's former home and now one of the world's foremost museums of classic modern art. Peggy, and a whole herd of her lap dogs, are buried in the garden there. She has been one of my favorite "personages" for a long time, and it was a real thrill to visit her home. Especially since she's still there!

I can tell I'm gonna be on a Venice kick for awhile! Don't you love it when something just takes over your mind for awhile, and every waking moment is spent transported elsewhere, under its spell? Toulouse-Lautrec had a name for this state of infatuated absorption with a fascinating subject:  furia. I feel a furia for Venice coming on!!

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  1. I absolutely loved Venice as well. In fact, my friend and I opted to forgo Rome for another few days in Venice. Seeing your pictures makes me want to return . . . before it's too late.


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