Sunday, June 20, 2010

3SIXTY5 for June 19, 2010: Bad Dream

Well, this piece is pretty dire and intense. Fortunately, it does not reflect any actual dreams I've had (that I can recall.)  I love using marbled papers for collage work. I took a workshop in paper marbling back in 1986, but didn't pursue the craft long enough to get good at it. However, I have a stash of  hand-marbled papers that I acquired for a ridiculously low price when a local book binder closed up shop 30 years or so ago, which has been satisfying my marbled paper needs ever since.

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  1. Great work, the marbled worked pretty good in the background and the whole picture gives me an idea of revolution (don't know quite well why ^^), it's spiring!
    Nice blog!


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