Thursday, June 24, 2010

3SIXTY5 for June 24, 2010: Where Beauty Hides

I found this beautiful bug online* and made this little piece to showcase him (the original is 6x4".) There are some truly amazing critters in our yards and gardens that go unnoticed because they are small, and often hiding. One summer I saw a pair of insects on some foliage. They were greyish, and had purple fringed tutus and and head-dresses, the likes of which I'd never seen before or since. I called them frou-frou bugs because of their frilly, colorful outfits. (I wish I had gotten a photo!) Another time, while pruning a forsythia bush, I found a most remarkable spiky spider, which I did get photos of (albeit out of focus):
I did some research online and found out that she is a micrathena sagittata, and harmless--although she certainly doesn't look it!

Every summer I find a few tiny beetles that look like a drop of molten gold on the ground. This must be their attract-a-mate mode, because if disturbed, they turn to dull brown. Which is what always happens when I try to get close up with my digital camera to try a photo. Amazing!

*I know it's terrible web etiquette not to ackowledge where images come from, but I have so much material floating around my worktable, I often lose track of sources once stuff is printed out. Sorry!

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