Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two Collages for Two Days--So Ends May!

We had thunderstorms for most of Memorial Day here, so my flag-flying was short lived. At least the inclement weather made it easier to stay inside, chained to my drawing board. I completed a calligraphy commission, as well as my collage-a-day. 3SIXTY5 for Tuesday, May 31, 2010 is called Sweet Indecision. May her taste in men be better than her taste in clothes! She deserves a crown anyway. (What woman doesn't?)

(Image sources:  young woman from Dover Publications, Victorian Women's Fashion Photos CD-ROM and Book; men from Ten Two Studios' Father's Day faux postage; girl's frame from The Graphics Fairy; flowers cut from Dover gift wrap; backgrounds from an old wallpaper sample book)

I was too tired last night to post my collage for Monday, May 30. Here it is:

The hairdos and headdresses of the Renaissance never fail to amuse and/or puzzle. The young woman in Bartolommeo da Veneto's painting, purported to be Lucrezia Borgia herself, sports a coiffure of spun gold. (Was that her real hair color? Or even her real hair??)  In my version of Lucrezia's portrait, her tiny nosegay has been replaced by a species of barnacle, because I think its form is reminiscent of the girl's extravagantly curly strands. The only reason I know that is a barnacle, is because it said so in the book I got it from. It looks like something that fell off The Alien, which, BTW, is one of the best sci-fi movies ever. So, that's what I call this piece:  The Alien.

(Da Veneto painting from Dover Publications, 120 Italian Renaissance Paintings CD-ROM and Book; barnacle from  Dover, Haeckel's Art Forms from Nature CD-ROM and Book; frame from Green Paper; my calligraphy.)

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