Thursday, July 22, 2010

3SIXTY5 for July 21: New Dimension

Change happens so rapidly these days, it's become the constant. "No change" would be a change. I like to think about past eras, what it must've been like when change came to those less hectic times. Mostly slowly, I imagine, but irreversibly. Sometimes fearful--think of the scene in "Dances With Wolves" when the Native American asks something like, "How many of you are coming here?" But I'll bet it was awesome when change remade the entire paradigm of reality on a conceptual level. Such as when the ancient Grecian vase painters gave way to sculptors working in three dimensions; or when the equally flat, distorted  figures of medieval painting surged forward toward the illusion of depth of space and foreshortened, realistically molded figures on a two dimensional plane! How did the iconoclastic early Renaissance artists avoid being burned at the stake as sorcerers? And there can also be equally transformative change on a personal level. I, who until last April, could never "find the time" to make art, almost over night became productive on a scale beyond my wildest imaginings. Since April, I have made over a hundred new pieces of art! I have stepped into my own next dimension.

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