Monday, July 26, 2010

3SIXTY5 for July 26: Pique Dame and Parrot

She's the Queen of Spades, but I couldn't resist naming her after Tchaikovsky's opera, Pique Dame. Come winter, I'll be listening to the Met Opera broadcasts while working on my collages on Saturday afternoons. Perhaps I'll theme them after that afternoon's opera? I'd better check the roster before I commit. I've always found that art and music go together marvelously. I must have music when I'm working. Classical music, that catchall label for everything from Hildegarde von Bingen to Phillip Glass, is my all time favorite. Jazz and world music after that, especially in the warm seasons. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Stan Getz bossa nova, the Gipsy Kings (who, alas, I did not get to see on their U.S. tour this spring & summer) and  the wild music of Manu Chao, who is a recent discovery. There's nothing like finding a performer or composer whose music is new to you--unless it's discovering an artist whose work moves and excites you. Happy hunting!

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