Monday, July 5, 2010

3SIXTY5 for July 5: Camoufleur

A camoufleur, I learned tonight, is one who employs camouflage. As it relates to today's collage, the question is:  who is the camoufleur? The angel (actually the constellation Virgo), or the bird?

I believe I am actually getting faster at building my collages.  It helps when a piece is as simple as this one.  It's as much a mind-set as anything else. I'm learning not to obsess over every little detail. I keep reminding myself that I can always reinvent some of these pieces later, when I will have the luxury of taking time over them. I keep track of ideas that I won't bother with until I am in that position.

A coda to my 4th of July festivities:  I never made it to the familial get-together, because just as I was leaving, my cousin, who had taken my mother to the picnic, called to say there was no need for me to meet them there to bring Mom home because she had gotten tired and they were on their way back.  So there I was, all dressed for a picnic and nowhere to go!  I quickly opted to take advantage of an invitation from a woman I was acquainted with through my job. Her home is on Pittsburgh's Southside, and the city fireworks at the Point (where the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers converge to form the Ohio River) are readily visible from her roof deck.  The Southside is one of Pittsburgh's historic neighborhoods, and I was hoping for a chance to view something special--in addition to the fireworks--as well as the opportunity to get to know my hostess better. I was not disappointed. Her family's home was crafted from what had been two apartments plus the former shoe-maker's shop above which they were situated. The whole house was long on charm, utility and spaciousness, with all the agreeable features of old buildings:  mellow exposed brick, beautiful old wooden floors, high ceilings and comfortable nooks. It was also filled with art, books and music. She and her family are amateur folk musicians, among other interesting accomplishments, which was something I never knew. All in all, it was a delightful evening in every way, and I am grateful to her for it.

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