Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3SIXTY5 for Monday, July 12: Alphabet Balloon

This was a really simple concept that proved to be a bear to execute. A primitive hot air balloon sailing over a medieval town, sprinkling gothic blackletter on the scene below. A funny anachronism, a calligraphic opportunity, what could possibly go wrong?  Bad choice of background, for starters. My harlequin diamonds let me down. My first choice was marbled paper but those were proving difficult too. Then I forgot that even a little fantasy scene like this should have aerial perspective to bring it off. So I had to scrape out some lettering to knock it back into the distance--where it conflicted even more with those humongous diamonds! *sigh*/**smacks forehead**  A different balloon image would be a good idea too. (This one looks like one of those bulbs you use to clean a rapidograph. Am I dating myself again?) Also, more distance between the town and the balloon would make the middle less congested. Back to the drawing board. Don't hold this against me--I'm doing it to learn!  This is another designI hope to revisit next year, when I have time to play.

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." --Scott Adams

Afterthought on my yesterday's post:  I was so happy when I thought up a winged elephant! Then, this morning--I remembered Dumbo. Was he subliminally flapping around in my subconscious? Anyway, my daughter said Dumbo has nothing on my Elebird, so I'll be content.

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