Monday, August 30, 2010

Midnight Prayer

Tonight's work owes its soul to the magical Finnish witch at Itkupilli (I hope she doesn't mind my calling her that--I mean it in the nicest possible way.)  I recently made my first purchase from her shop, buying all kinds of dark elements and backgrounds for doing spooky collages. This entire piece, except for the skeleton and the arm, is one of her backgrounds. Thus tonight's work came about relatively quickly, which is great, because I took time to ride my cardioglide exercise machine after I got home tonight and got a late start. I'd love to have been one of those decadent artists who sat around drinking absinthe until midnight, then lit candles and worked into the wee hours. I've tried at least the wee hours part of that scenario, and it took its toll. I'll try to keep at least one vice to make up for exercise and more sleep. Thanks to Itkupilli's shop for making tonight's art possible, and please visit her via the badge in the right column.

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