Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Apologies

Friends, I am now 4 days behind with my collage-a-day project, not counting today, and I think the accumulated sleep deprivation, lack of exercise and on-the-run diet are taking their toll. To quote Ren from the "Space Madness" episode of "Ren and Stimpy"--"I'm tired...soooooo tired!" The ideas are there, but I find myself spending way too much time Planning the pieces and not Doing them. In other words--I've relapsed into my decade-old bad art habit.  This is annoying and distressing, but not insurmountable. A combination of sleep and determination will work their magic on my diffused brain. I will be posting a Halloween design tonight, one of several I have in the works, with a view to marketing them in my Etsy store (or possibly on Zazzle; I haven't decided.) Lack of ability to make a decision/choice has always meant I need sleep! Not sure I'll be getting all I need tonight, but I'll seek to strike a better balance between pounding out artwork and maintaining a flexible, healthful state of body and mind. I'll be back with some artwork to post, forthwith!!

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