Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh, Fortuna

The sculpted head of Fortune dates from the end of the first century. I love her crown:  a city wall and gate.  This could be the basis for an interesting Halloween costume. "Oh Fortuna" is the title of the first segment of Carl Orff's masterpiece, Carmina Burana. I saw this awesome piece performed a few years ago, danced by the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, with the Mendelssohn Choir and invited soloists, and the ballet orchestra, in a memorable performance that I will always recall with a thrill.


  1. Hello Diane, thank you so much for your message and comment ! I have seven cats and a dog, but unfortunately no more horses, they were around in my childhood and I hope I can go back to the country when getting older and maybe have one, but I miss them much ! About Etsy button, when you sign in in your shop you see in the left column "promote" and "etsy mini", if you click it, you can build your own code to add a direct view to your shop, you can choose the size and the number of columns you want, it could be useful. Wish you a happy creative weekend !

  2. I love Carmina Burana, and O Fortuna is such a powerful piece, no wonder it's used so much by companies.

    Wonderful piece too :)


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