Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Wake-up Call

Today on Facebook, I followed a link in a post from Randel Plowman (one of the inspirations for my aborted collage-a-day project) and ended up in a wonderland of incredible artwork. Here is the link:

Via the links on the Oblog page, I entered the amazing worlds of Angelica Paez, Javier Rodriguez and Rodrigo de Fillipis. I urge you to do the same.

I can barely tell of the emotions that stirred in me by seeing their work. Surprise, appreciation, the joy of seeing talent put to such effective use, and also, ENVY. Having strayed so far of course from the purpose of starting this blog—to post a daily (or at least steady) stream of new artwork—I felt like I'd been turned to stone in the roadway while others dashed past leaving a shower of glorious artworks in their wake. *sigh*

Clearly, it is time for me to break out of this drift, and get back to my heart's core. Just to make myself feel better, I have re-posted a dozen favorite pieces of my own, to remind myself that, yes, I can actually make art when I choose to. (Click on the date to go to the original post.)

Best Friends Forever. Posted 2/23/10

Descension. Posted 6/11/10

Star Charts. Posted 5/11/10

A Bridefor Max Ernst.  Posted 4/16/10

Buddha Eggs. Posted 5/18/10

Le Chapeau fait l'Homme. Posted 6/9/10 

St. Theresa in Excelsis. Posted 4/11/10

The Walls of Jericho. Posted 7/13/10

Pleasure Dome. Posted 7/1/10

Egg Hunt. Posted 6/12/10

Clever Parrot. Posted 5/7/10


  1. Well, having followed the links and enjoyed the various images along the way, I can honestly say that my favourite pieces are the ones on this page :)


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