Friday, March 18, 2011

If only I could get it to work...

I've wanted for a long time to design my own blog background, so I found instructions on the web, and went to work. After spending many hours in Photoshop (probably way more than would've been necessary, if I really knew PS) I created the above background design, based mostly on my own artwork, uploaded it to Flickr, followed the instructions and voila!...nothing. I end up with a plain white background. I'm sure the design will require much tweaking, but I can't tweak what I can't see. After many attempts at fiddling with the html per the instructions, I have given up for now. Maybe I saved the image incorrectly, or something. Any pointers from anyone who knows what they're doing in these matters, would be appreciated. For now, it's back to one of blogger's own backgrounds.

The small logo at center bottom is one I designed for myself years ago, pre-Collagitation. But I do like it, so I incorporated it into the background. In case I never do get the blasted thing working, here's the logo itself, based on my initials: 


  1. It's such a bveautiful background you've designed Diane. I'm sorry I can't help you re the actual placing it where you want it, I'm not that clever. I'm sure you'll find some more instructions and get there in the end. Hugs xx

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  3. Ladies, thank you for your support! I SHALL NOT GIVE UP!!
    In my post, I neglected to credit Renee at Playingwithbrushes for the beautiful digital image of aged paper on which I built my background. You can see her own lovely work as well as upload some of her digital offerings here:

  4. I hope you manage to get it working as it's a beautifully elegant background.

    By the way, you have a mention on my latest post, I reworked the blood spatter :)


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