Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stress Relief

Man Like a House Afire
 Life recently interrupted preparations for my October art exhibit when my car broke down. A week of riding the bus to and from my job took its toll on my time, as well as my stamina, as it actually vastly increased the amount of walking involved. But, in addition to getting an overdose of exercise, I got a lot of reading done, which is always happy-making. I have just about finished Nicholas Haslam's hugely enjoyable memoir, Redeeming Features. Alas, I got very little artwork done, however.

Last Saturday, with invaluable help from my son Joe, and my generous neighbor who loaned me her car for the day, I was able to find an affordable, very low mileage used car! This week I’m back to driving and back in the studio, albeit a bit behind schedule. The above painting, which dates to 1990, might finally get a viewing if I run out of time to make newer work. It is, actually, the only other acrylic painting I'd ever done until starting to work on the Backstage Bar show.

On a couple occasions during the carless week, I relieved stress by spending some time pottering in the garden. Last year, I had started dozens of perennial seedlings, many of which actually survived the winter! Here are the ones already in bloom:

Dianthus barbatus in front of d. wee willie

Dianthus wee willie and d. arctic fire

Dianthus double gaiety
Malva sylvestris zebrina

Feverfew in copious bloom

Silene armeria and veronica spicata

My neighbor has a thriving batch of Seven Sisters roses, which have happily grown right over the fence and are now in the process of trying to take over my back yard.

Seven Sisters climbing over cotoneaster and into the lilac
This photo also shows the recently deceased sweet autumn clematis, not yet removed from the side porch roof. Apparently the thick base of the vine either rotted or was gnawed through. Several weeks ago my cat Dundee brought a chipmunk to the back door, bloodied but not dead, which sprang off as soon as possible. Perhaps the killed vine was it's revenge?  

Here is Miranda, who usually will not let herself be photographed. She  is admiring the beautiful wild ferns growing in the shade of the steps to the upper garden.

My next post, I PROMISE, will have new artwork!

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