Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Collagitation’s new lease on life!

St. Theresa in Excelsis
Recently, a couple of things occurred to bring Collagitation back to life. The first was being contacted in June by Virginia artist Karen Whitehill, who wrote to tell me how much she enjoyed my collages after seeing them on the blog. What a treat that was to hear!  We started emailing and found we have a lot in common, as well as each being able to bring something or someone new and interesting to the other. Karen purchased my collage, St. Theresa in Excelsis, partially by bartering one of her own works. These “bible babes” are digitally altered classic religious paintings.  I love them! Here’s a link to see more of Karen’s fun and witty “Hymn to Her” series:

Being a fan of Shirley Temple since childhood, I chose the Madonna & Child print, with Myrna Loy as the Madonna.

Here also are links to some collage artists of whom I was unaware or had forgotten about, until she brought  them to my attention. Thanks, Karen!

Max Bucaille 
(1906-1996), one of the classic Surrealists: www.tumblr.com/tagged/max-bucaille
Max Bucaille, Butterf
Dan Hillier
 A contemporary collagist whose elegant work continuously gives me a 
why-didn’t-I-think-of-that frisson of pleasure.  http://www.danhillier.com/
Dan Hillier, Falls
Claudia Drake
another contemporary surrealist: http://urgentalchemy.com/
Claudia Drake, Fire Walk With Me
Paula Braconnot  
A contemporary French collagist extraordinaire. 
Her site is in French, but you can see her work here: 
and link to her site if you are fortunate enough to know French!

Paula Branconnot, Coq

“Meeting” Karen was the first happy incident recently that resulted from my 2010 collage project.

 More to come!

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