Sunday, September 12, 2010

Greetings to Junibear!

This post started as an email to my friend June of Junibear's Jottings, For some reason, I find I cannot leave comments on people's blogs from my home computer. I think it might have something to do with the draconian security settings my ever-vigilant son-in-law put on. So, I end up emailing people directly instead of posting a comment on their blog. But I like to leave comments that other visitors can read too, so my way around the problem, this time, is to post the email I intended to send to June. Here it is:

Hi June,
Thanks as always for your encouraging comments on Collagitation! This is the sixth month of collage-a-day, which I should rename "collage-almost-every-day" I'm so far behind--probably around 10 days by now : (  It really matters only to me, but I hate to set a goal and not follow through!!!

As usual, I am unable to leave a comment on others' sites, I still don't know why. Curiously, when you or someone leaves a comment RE an entry on Theme Thursday or Three Muses challenges, I am able to follow the link and leave a comment. But not if I go directly from my computer, which tells me something (although not anything helpful to me.)

June, your post about being wheel chair bound is very moving, not maudlin at all. I do so admire your courage and cheerfulness in the face of such a life-changing event. I hope you are not in pain. My Mom is still ambulatory, but she often has severe pain from gout and arthritis. She has a whole slew of health problems. As my daughter says, we are lucky to still have her with us.

I had to smile at your comment about where I get my ideas for my art, because that particular piece, which I call Nocturnalia, came about mostly by chance. I keep cuttings in shallow boxes where they live until I need them for a piece.  Yesterday when I started to work, I picked up a box and noticed the way a bunch of elements had arbitrarily arranged themselves in the shallow box. (That's why the pillared arch is upside down!) Here's the digital photo I took after I started playing with the image,while everything was still in the box, so I'd remember the arrangement when I really got to work on it. It changed quite a bit but still recognizably the same piece.

Sometimes inspiration is just a matter or having enough stuff laying around the worktable! This is not the first piece that came about that way. Which is one of the reasons I love manual as opposed to digital collage. The main reason being, of course, because I don't know enough about digital art to make the images I want to. But I'm working on it!

My mother and I are both feeling much better today, thank you for your kind wishes, and I hope you are feeling good too, Junibear, because you are a treasure of a friend and we are all so lucky to know you!

Hugs from Diane


  1. Dearest Diane,
    How sweet of you to put your letter to me online. Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Unfortunately, I am in constant and chronic pain. I had a car accident years ago, I was not even scratched but it was a frightening experience. I hit a patch of black ice and finished up hanging upside down from my seat belt as the car turned over.
    Before that I only had a few aches and pains as you do. But my doctors think the trauma of that day triggered off my various ailments which all seemed to fall on me at once.
    I developed Lupus; a heart condition that puts me in hospital now and again;fibromyalgia and arthritis, which is now everywhere, mainly in my spine.I have had two new hips but I thank God I'm still here!
    You can't hold a good woman down! LOL!
    Do take good care of yourself and my fond regards to your Mum. I lost mine last year and you only have one Mum...

    Re your art....My Word, you amaze me! It's so interesting how you jiggle pieces around in a box and Wham! You have your picture. I so admire your art, you are so very clever.
    Big Hugs
    June xxx

  2. Very cool. But I hope I don't have nightmares of big lizards turning me into a skeleton now. (I'm a crazy online friend of June's. She had a link to your blog on her site. Your art is very interesting to say the least!)


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