Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In the midst of a lovely, if hectic, holiday season, I made time to get on my Cardio-glide this morning and start remedying the results of various holiday excesses. While doing so, my thoughts turned again towards my goal of creating my living from my art work, which had taken somewhat of a back seat during the Christmas crunch. As I puffed along and pondered my goals, my mind became more focused, my motivation and self-confidence increased, and my commitment to success with my work grew stronger!With every pull on the handlebars, interest, attention & expectation all soared. What more motivation than that could I want for exercising regularly?

I’ve also signed up for K.C. Willis’s “Marketing Mindset” online workshop, which I know will make a big difference to my plans. Why struggle on alone when I can get a big boost from the expertise of a proven winner, and the support of an online group of like-minded artists?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Creating My "Art Way of Life"

Welcome to my first-ever blog! I decided to start this blog as part of my goal of becoming a Living Artist, which is what I call an Artist who is making a Living from their artwork. I have considerably more experience as an artist than a blogger, so until I get some blog chops, you may find this page lacking. But if you are interested in following me as I re-invent myself as a full-time, working artist, then please come back!

"Collagitation" is the name I've created for my eventual stores on Etsy and Cafe Press. It is a combination of "collage," my current primary medium, and "cogitation" or even "agitation"! I like to do artwork that makes you think, or tells a story, or stirs you up!

Right now my full-time day job, plus the commute to/from the workplace, totally dominate my time, if not my mind. I am very interested in the Law of Attraction principles and am schooling myself in these to help achieve my goals of becoming a self-sustaining artist working from my home studio.

My next step for this blog will be posting some images of my work on one of the photo sites. When that’s done, I’ll link to it so you can see my stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!


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