Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Moon Unmasked

I am so glad to finally have something to post tonight--!!! I almost decided, more than once, to bag it and just go to bed. I kept at it and after discarding idea upon idea, I ended up with something more or less reasonable. By tomorrow, I may even really like it. Right now, I'm sick of it. Which often happens. I've decided  the Lost Lenore piece, which seemed a failure when I first finished it, is not so bad.

Since my "melt down" in early August, when I fell 5 pieces behind my collage-a-day goal, I haven't been noting the date of the piece in my post titles, because at this point, the time-line is hopelessly broken. Date-wise, this work is actually for yesterday, 9/1, because even now I'm still a day behind.

But hey! I'm still making more art than I have EVER; I have a small gathering of friends, on and off-line, who follow my progress regularly; and even if I'm behind, I'm accomplishing something important to me, which will take my art to another level. So I'm glad, and grateful for this experience!

I fixed yesterday's artwork so it will enlarge if you click on it.  I have no idea why it wouldn't enlarge in the first place, because all I did to fix it was delete it and upload it again. Go figure.

A big THANKS to my Three Muses friends for their comments on my Nature Girl piece!

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  1. This is a very clever piece Diane. Love it!
    I think you're pushing yourself too hard. Just be kind to yourself and these lovely images will flow. Big Hugs xx


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