Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is it too early for the beach?

This piece is called Water Wings, and it's all about anticipation! Truth to tell, I haven't been to a beach--in summer, in a bathing suit--in quite awhile. Which does not mean I don't eagerly anticipate the weather when these things would be possible. Living close to the Allegheny River, I see broad, wavey water every time I drive just about anywhere, and it's easy to imagine being on it's shores (not that they are amenable to swimming; boating and fishing are the draws here.) When the sky is blue and the sun is shining, even if it's still cold out, the sight of the water sparkling in the sun and reflecting the blue sky instantly puts my mind into summer mode. Spring is just around the corner (never mind the snow outside.) Can summer be far behind?


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  2. Spring isn't round the corner, it's here! The daffodils are nodding there glorious yellow heads, the birds are scavenging nesting material, and today I heard my first ice-cream van :)

    Fabulous image, wonderfully warm and sunny.

  3. Lovely card Diane, her water wings are fab.
    Spring is here, although sgtill very cold March winds.
    Lots of bulbs are out in the garden so things are looking up!
    Hugs xx

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