Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our book is on Amazon!

This morning's email had a note from Ticia Blackburn, that her book for which I did the illustrations, Jane Austen's Rules of Romance, is on Wow, this is a first for me! It's wonderful to see the fruits of one's labor out there before the whole online world. Amazon's "Look Inside" feature shows only one of the illustrations (in addition to the cover) so to further whet your appetite, here is another.


  1. Oh my dear Diane! How wonderful to see some of what you've done for the book. many hearty Congratulations. How are you my dear? Well I hope. I am still soldiering on, making pictures but putting more on Flickr.
    Love and hugs
    June xxx

    1. June, sooo great to hear from you!! I have been very neglectful :( I am also "soldiering on" Mum continues to decline but keeps going too. My son is still looking for work, not uncommon these days. The woman who compiled the Jane Austen book knows my daughter in New York City, that is how I got the job to do the illustrations. Hopefully, this will lead to more opportunities and get me back to blogging and connecting with online friends. I hope you and Freddie are doing well, I'll check in on Junibears Jottings and see what's up with you!

      Big hugs,

      Diane XOXO


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