Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3SIXTY5 for June 8, 2010: Le Chapeau fait l'Homme

Some fun and games for Theme Thursday's "Men in Hats" challenge. Thanks to Kelly at TT for another playful theme to inspire us. Challenges are always fun to work on-- you must cajole your muse into producing something based on an outside impetus, which is sometimes difficult. On the other hand, I've seen blogs that people have put up just to post all their challenge pieces. Ambitious!

All the black & white elements in this piece are from Dover Publications' Men: A Pictorial Archive From Nineteenth-Century Sources, compiled by Jim Harter. The colored bits are from K & Company's Cut 'N Paste Designer Paper Pad. The title lettering is my own, with apologies to my calligraphy teachers. I wanted the calligraphy to look deliberately irregular and zany. (Really, I did!)


  1. Oh wow this is fun and really fantastic.
    Wonderful image you found. Brilliant.

  2. This is beyond fantastic! Dazzling piece of art! Bravo! LynnF


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