Sunday, June 13, 2010

Collage-a-Day for June 11, 2010. Falling Angels--a common occurance?

This evening I joined friends to attend a church fair at Immaculate Conception Church, in Bloomfield, the Italian neighborhood of Pittsburgh. We started off with a meal of church-lady prepared gnocchi (or packaged ziti), complete with canned fruit cocktail in cherry jello for dessert. Jeez, it took me right back to St. Colman's School cafeteria in the 1950's! Next we perused the flea market, where I found, among other treasures, a tiny, well-preserved volume of Sheridan's The Rivals, published by J.M. Dent in 1897. OMG! Oscar Wilde and Aubery Beardsley were still alive when this was published. (Dent published their works, if I remember correctly). A tiny label indicates it came from Brentano's, Union Square, NYC. You just never know what you'll fnd at a Catholic Church flea market.

I've always loved the cover image of Satan falling from heaven that appeared on the program from the Morgan Library's 2008 exhibit in honor of the 400th Anniversary Milton's Paradise Lost. I don't know the name of the artist who created it, but it is so beautiful, I repeated it multiple times in this work. (I guess nude angels always indicate trouble of some kind?)  I call this piece The Descension.

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