Friday, July 9, 2010

3SIXTY5 for Thursday, July 8: The Bird Watcher

I love using animals in my art. Our fellow creatures have held endless fascination for me since childhood. So of course I wanted to participate in Theme Thursday's "Animals" challenge. While looking through the wonderful vintage images in Jim Harter's  Animals: 1419 Copyright Free Illustrations from Dover Publications, I came across the stunning little fellow above. He wasn't holding anything in those spongy fingers, but clearly, he was meant to. He is called a Tarsier, lives in trees in southeast Asia, and eats insects. This particular one also likes to bird watch. With those eyes, maybe the binoculars are redundant.


  1. Wow this is fun and absolutely great.
    Stunning work.

  2. Your bird watcher is terrific, Diane!

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