Monday, August 26, 2013

The Birdwatcher, Again

The Birdwatcher, acrylic, 18x24 inches

Tarsiers are small primates, less than the size of a squirrel, native to southeast Asia. They are bizarre looking critters, but cute! (I was delighted to discover that there is even one known as Dian's Tarsier.) Back when I was working on my collage-a-day project, I made a collage using an image of a tarsier from a 19th c. engraving, and that collage became the inspiration for my latest painting. I wanted to be sure to include it, because the woman who curates art for Backstage Bar told me she particularly enjoyed that collage when she saw it online. The painting is also entitled The Birdwatcher. (Why? Read the old post.) As a largish painting, I had the opportunity to add a lot more birds. I had a great time looking at images of tropical birds, mostly from Indonesia, and I used several, including Asian glossy starlings (the sinister guys on the right with the red eyes), a sunbird (lower left), and my favorite, the aptly named frogmouth (on the right under the blue foliage) as well as several others whose names I forget. Unfortunately, none of the flora or fauna in my painting is to scale, nor do I have any idea of one could ever see all of them in the same place. Artistic license. Or just laziness. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the painting! (And once again, my apologies for the shortcomings of the photography. Where did I stash that tripod??)

More art to come! I do not as yet have an opening date for the exhibit at Backstage Bar, but it will definitely be in October. Stay tuned.

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