Sunday, February 11, 2018

Slow Progress

"Ex Libris F. S."  7 x 17" Assemblage box in progress, 02-11-18
The holidays were wonderful, as ever, but not a time when I can work on art (other than my annual Christmas card) or do much of anything else outside the celebration. I am a slow worker at the best of times; trying to put on some speed, without condensing the process too much, is a challenge. How does one condense a process anyway? One thing I'm trying, is Tai Chi. Loving it so far, and in fact it does seem to help my concentration.

The piece shown is one of several in progress in my studio at the moment. It may or may not turn out like this. Seeing it here, it is rather more somber than I realized. Or perhaps it's more a matter of what's lacking in the photo: the absence of the play of light on the brass of the oval box, the missing depth the wax gives to the image at the bottom, and the texture of the pebbly surface of the antique book cover.

The title derives from the small bookplate at the top, which came from a German flea market during my happy time living in that beautiful country.

I have not yet made the box in which the work will be installed, and to which the frame shown will be attached. At present, it is far too cold to work in the garage, where my carpentry happens. Thus, there is no depth dimension given in the caption.

But, the new year brings new possibilities. I'm getting back into the groove, back to work. That's the important thing!

Inspiration is a guest that 
does not often visit the lazy.   

 P.I. Tchaikovsky

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